RNN Episode 121 – Nutrition Ambition Fish Edition

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Inspiring Family Adventure, Functional Fish and Nutrition Ambition Fish Edition. This week Peter is fattening up his Koi Tang and cracking down on clove polyps, Jeremy is enjoying coral growth and still battling a few ups and downs. All this and More on Episode 121 of the Reef News Network! Listener Coupon Codes: Marine Depot 10% off your order REEFNEWS Reef Kinetics - $50 off ReefBot RKLOVES Show Watch 2020 MACNA Phoenix Canceled RAP California Canceled Greater Niagara - Sept 19/20 RAP Orlando - Sept 26/27 *New Venue Caribe Royale Orlando RAP New York - Dec 12/13 Powered By: Fritz Aquatics: www.fritzaquatics.com ReefBreeders: www.reefbreeders.com Sicce: www.sicce.com/en Reef 2 Reef: www.reef2reef.com Reefs.com: www.reefs.com Bahama Llama Coral: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRemyRadioShow News: Peter- U.K. Family of Four Sells All Belongings to Move to Remote Seychelles Island to Revitalize Coral Reef. Shout out to Blaine Boone and Dustin Woodham https://bit.ly/newsPeter121 Jeremy- Clean Up Crew Allstars: Fishy Favorites from Marine Depot. Having an assorted cleanup crew of invertebrates for your reef aquarium will help keep your rock work and substrate clean, however, there are also some fish that can be considered to play a part in keeping the tank tidy. Surgeonfish (tangs), dwarf angels (reef safe w/ caution), gobies, foxfaces and blennies can all contribute to keeping your aquarium clean, while adding personality and color to it. https://bit.ly/newsJeremy121 Main Topic: A few episodes back we talked about Coral Nutrition and in that episode the importance of feeding your fish well, became evident. By starting with solid fish feeding and allowing nutrient flow down to the coral in your system you get the most out of your food and biggest bang for your buck! This week we will tackle some effective ways to feed, talk about feeding frequency and some things to consider if you have livestock with specialized eating habits and go over some DIY food options. Outro: Please like our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as subscribe to the Podcast Reef News Network: www.reefnewsnetwork.com Reef News Road Trip: https://bit.ly/2LZfoKd . Instagram: ReefNewsNetwork Hashtags to follow #ReefNewsNetwork , # , #nation Listener Calls: Go to: www.reefnewsnetwork.com click the tab on the right side of the page to leave us a voicemail. Reviews/Ratings: Reviews and Ratings help us reach new heights and continue to produce quality content, let us know how we are doing.

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