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How To Setup a Guppy Tank

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Setting Up A Guppy Tank:

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is no doubt the most popular and very hardy tropical fish native to South America. Around 300 different type of guppies are found in Amazon river. However, most of the fish kept in the hobby are not caught in the wild. Guppy fish are live bearer and prolific breeder, guppy fry are free swimming at birth. Male guppies are usually very colorful with long fins while female guppies are less colorful with large bodies. 

Watch how to setup a guppy aquarium & see all the essential requirements for a healthy guppy tank in a video below:

Setting up a guppy tank

5. Aquatic Plants:

Guppies kept in a planted aquarium are a lot healthier, relax and happy then a tank without plants. In wild, guppy hangs around heavily planted areas or places covered in logs. To replicate their natural habitat it is recommended to keep plants, driftwood and other such decoration in the fish tank. Guppies would be more relax hiding behind the plants and it is also a good place for a pregnant guppy to give birth to fry. Micro organism growing on the plants especially on java moss is main source of food for guppy fry. The tiny spaces between leaves and branches are also a great hiding spots for the fry as adult guppy do eat their fry.

Aquarium Plants
Aquarium Plants

Before adding any plants to your tank, make sure to rinse them properly. As store bought plants might have parasites that you don't want to introduce to your tank. On many occasions, i have introduced small snails to my tank through store bought aquatic plants. These snails were invasive and it took me a while to get rid of them. I have never sterilize the plants, but rinsing thoroughly with tap water has given me great results.

I hope you have found above 5 important factors useful as in my opinion every hobbyist should consider these before setting up a guppy tank.
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