RNN Episode 132 – Reef Tank Real Estate

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The Marine X Series, fish selection tips and Reef Tank Real Estate. This week Jeremy is enjoying his new fishy additions, contemplating a trophy fish and getting ready to install his new Icecap CO2 scrubber, Peter is loving the look of his tank after a small treatment and enjoying his new fish from OSA. All this and more on Episode 132 of the Reef News Network! Listener Coupon Codes: Marine Depot 10% off your order REEFNEWS Reef Kinetics - $50 off ReefBot RKLOVES Show Watch 2020 Show Watch 2020 Greater Niagara - Canceled MACNA Phoenix Canceled RAP California Canceled RAP Orlando - Canceled AquaShella Dallas - Canceled Aquashella Chicago - Canceled RAP New York - Dec 12/13 Powered By: Fritz Aquatics: www.fritzaquatics.com ReefBreeders: www.reefbreeders.com Sicce: www.sicce.com/en/ Media Partners: Reefs.com: https://reefs.com/ Bahama Llama Coral: https://www.youtube.com/c/BahamaLlamaCoral Reef2Reef: www.reef2reef.com News: Jeremy- Richard from the Afishionado channel put out a quick video on fish selection that I thought had some good common-sense tips. For this video, I wanted to share a trip I took a few months ago to check out my friends at T.F.T Distributors' new facility in Weston, Florida. First of all, huge thanks to T.F.T for allowing me to come in after hours to shoot this quick footage. I went there to meet up with my friends John Miller of Mad Reefer, Chris Portale of The Fish Store, and Shane Lafrenere of 24/7 Aquariums and while we were there, I went ahead and asked for some tips on selecting a good specimen of fish, including what to look for and what to avoid. http://bit.ly/newsJeremy132 Peter- Waterbox Aquariums has redesigned their popular MARINE series aquariums to create the MARINE X with new features aquarium hobbyists will love. New features include glass overflow with removable weir teeth, dual returns, and a sump filtration system. The MARINE X series was designed with entry-level aquarium enthusiasts in mind. Each MARINE X series model includes the aquarium, laminated plywood cabinet, sump and plumbing kit. http://bit.ly/newsPeter132 Main Topic: Reef Tank Real Estate Last time we spoke about tank size selection. That topic leads right into this one, by selecting a size you are determining the real estate you have to work with, not only for coral but also the fish you choose, equipment and tank maintenance. Outro: Please like our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as subscribe to the Podcast Reef News Network: www.reefnewsnetwork.com Reef News Road Trip: https://bit.ly/2LZfoKd . Instagram: ReefNewsNetwork Hashtags to follow #ReefNewsNetwork , # , #nation Listener Calls: Go to: www.reefnewsnetwork.com click the tab on the right side of the page to leave us a voicemail. Reviews/Ratings: Reviews and Ratings help us reach new heights and continue to produce quality content, let us know how we are doing.

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