Breed & Sell Betta Fish for Profit (Earn Money)

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Breed and Sell Betta Fish for Profit / Earn Money through Fish Spawning:

Spawning random fish will not earn you enough money because it might be difficult to breed them, or they might not reproduce many babies, or selling babies might be difficult. So, always start with fish keepers’ favorite fish. Many aquarists like to keep fish that seem beautiful & need simple care like Molly, Platy, Swordtail, Betta fish, & Goldfish in their aquariums. So, if you choose to breed them or any other popular fish then it will let you earn decent wealth. Always start with fish that is easy to spawn & make you earn lots of cash. For breeding fish, it is important to choose durable & cheap equipment that meets your requirements.


Fish Breeding Equipment:

Find the right place in your home where you can keep your fish tank. Choose a place which has the right temperature so you won’t need to install a heater in your aquarium. Heater is not very expensive but its running cost is very high. Choose fish that fits your area weather conditions so there is no need to use a heater in your aquarium.

Also choose the suitable home for fish such as aquarium, tub, or container. Do not spend money on aquariums because you can buy a strong container. This will save many bucks.


Budget Forecast for Fish Breeding:

Estimate budget of every chosen fish in advance to know if you can earn income.

For detail information about how to calculate budget before breeding fish, check out this article:

How to forecast budget before spawning fish


Which Fish to Breed:

Do not choose to spawn difficult fish, because you might not be prepared for it in the start. Fish breeding business does not need expertise if you choose to breed simple fish. Also, it is easy to find buyers because many new aquarists will be ready to buy beginners fish from you.


It is important to take care of the following things before choosing fish:

Have a look at fish spawning requirements, including aquarium conditions & food, as well as rate of fish reproducing & raising fries.

Spend time studying various illnesses & how to avoid them.

After selecting the right fish, it is time to setup tank for them. Buy an already established pair, so there is no need to wait for fish to find their partner.

How to Setup Breeding Aquarium for Betta Fish
How to Setup Breeding Aquarium for Betta Fish

How to Setup your Aquarium for Breeding Fish:

Prepare your aquarium before buying fish & make sure you cycle your aquarium. You will need the following basic equipment for your spawning aquarium.

  • Container or aquarium (Make sure you buy another tank for breeding & raising babies)
  • Water Pump or Air Pump
  • Instrument for testing water
  • Aquarium Lights
  • Fish Net
  • Aquarium heater
  • Aquarium filter
  • Aquarium hood (Many fish can jump outside so cover your container / aquarium with a canopy)
  • Decorations, rocks & plants (where fish can deposit eggs)
  • Live plants (fish & fries eat them, & stressed fish & fries can use them for hiding)


How to Earn Wealth through Spawning Betta Fish:

It isn’t very hard to spawn betta fish. This process should be done with care because they might hurt each other when you put them together in one aquarium.

When betta fish are ready to spawn, male betta fish will make a bubble nest at the water surface & will invite female betta to visit it. After the formation of a breeding pair, they will begin mating. When female betta fish start laying eggs, the male will collect them & place them in the bubble nest. He will then stop the female from reaching the nest & will protect the eggs until they are hatched.


Setup Breeding Aquarium for Betta Fish:

Setup a breeding aquarium for betta fish because babies are very sensitive & they need clean water. When they start swimming freely, then it is time to separate the male so he does not eat them.

Setup a 10-gallon aquarium for breeding betta fish & cover it with a hood. It will let your betta fish hide by offering lots of free space but they should discover each other. Do not add substrate because it will be difficult for male betta to collect eggs & babies could get stuck in the substrate.

A heater will let you get the required temperature.

Use a filter that does not suck fries by covering the intake with a sponge filter. Do not choose a high current pump that could scatter eggs.

Place your aquarium in an isolated place of your home because betta do not like distractions when mating.

Only fill 3 to 5 inches of clean water in your betta aquarium. Newly born babies will find it difficult to reach the water surface for breathing & feeding if your aquarium water is deep.

The ideal water temperature for betta breeding aquariums is 80 F.

Tape Styrofoam cup at the front of your aquarium if you want male betta to form a bubble nest.

Provide lots of hiding spots for the betta & fries. Do not offer too many hiding spots otherwise it will be difficult for them to discover each other.

Covering your aquarium with a plastic wrap will form the moisture & the aquarium will heat up. It will help the eggs to hatch & help the babies to develop.

Betta Fish Breeding Pair
Betta Fish Breeding Pair

How to Select the Right Betta Fish Spawning Pair:

  • Purchase your betta breeding pair from a well-known breeder.
  • Both betta fish should have the age in b/w 4 to 12 months. At this age betta fish are ready to reproduce.
  • Male betta fish should have a bright color (red color male seems very beautiful to female betta).
  • Male betta fish should have long & non-damaged fins.


Betta Fish Mating:

When you separate both male & female betta fish with a tank divider, they will be able to see each other. Male betta will soon make a bubble nest.

Now it is time to remove the divider & allow them to mix up. Female betta will reach the bubble nest & if it is a good nest, she will like it, or leave or damage it.

Male will try to mate with the female.

When a female is ready for mating, they will arrive at the bubble nest. The male will start wrapping himself around the female.


Female Betta Fish Depositing Eggs:

During the initial embrace, females will not deposit eggs, but they need to embrace multiple times till the female deposits all eggs. When depositing the eggs, the female might look ill or limp, but don’t worry, she is fine.

After the eggs are laid, the male betta fish will collect & place them in the nest.

Female betta might take a few minutes to lay all eggs or could take a few hours to complete the eggs laying process. After the pair stop embracing, it is time to take the female betta to another aquarium. Female betta might eat all eggs, so it is important to leave only male to take care of the eggs. While guarding the eggs, male betta can even attack the female.


Birth of Babies & How to Raise Fries:

If any egg drops from the nest to the bottom, then male betta will pick it & bring it back to the nest. If he eats eggs then it means that he is removing the unfertilized eggs.

It takes around 2 to 3 days for eggs to hatch. The fries will come out of the eggs & drop from their nest. Male betta will pick the fries & put them back in the nest. The babies will not be able to swim & will need more time in development.

After babies start swimming freely, it is time to remove the male betta. Offer a high nutrition diet to the babies like infusoria, microworms or vinegar eels. As the babies grow, offer them baby brine shrimp.

Keep the aquarium clean because babies might get sick or die in dirty water.

After a 2 months period, the babies will reach maturity. At this time, coloration will begin to form on the betta fish. It is the ideal time to isolate them because they will form their own territory soon & will show aggression. Put each betta in a separate tank.

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