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Do you have any experience with raising aquarium turtles? I have a small tank and I hear that there are turtle species that can be absolutely raised in a fish tank. I also hear that you cannot raise fish and turtles in the same tank as fish are technically turtle food. I would like to hear about first-hand experience in raising turtles.
Yes I had a couple for a while but I sold them because they are very messy and smelly, pooping everywhere. You cant have a full tank or they would drown as they breath air. I had the tank half full with a dry areas built up with stones as they like basking in the sun, well tank lighting.
Since turtles breathe atmospheric oxygen, do you also have to install an air pump in the tanks? What cleaning system did you have in your water tank?
They have lungs like you and I, they just hold there breath while in the water. As for cleaning, you just remove them temporarily while you clean the tank out manually.

Based on what I have read here and the research I have done online, it looks like it is easier to raise turtles in an aquarium compared to fish. I hear that they need de-chlorinated water and a teaspoon of table salt in the tan to reduce the level of bad bacteria in the water. Turtle seems to be easy to maintain.
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