breeding pair of electric blue acaras in unfilltered 40g breeder


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Hi all, long time (30+years) fishkeeper here and my latest project is as the title suggests is an unfiltered 40g breeder with a mating pair of electric blues in it..300 watt heater, good powerful light,more hornwort than i can handle ,alot of duck weed,a good portion of pothos growing up top and also a monstera plant with 3 leaves that is growing but slowly,,tanks been up and running for 3 months or so, with a fluval canister filter and the pair carried the first batch of fry all the way to free swimmers and ate them about 2 weeks after hatching..parents are about 3 inches in length.the original plan was to have 5 (i know to many) in here as a species tank but the aggression got predictably out of control once they paired its just them in there a couple snails and a little siamese algae eater that my wife loves. i am giving serious consideration to removing the filter all together,ive kept filterless in the past with success but never with larger fish..i would love any opinions tips etc. im about 85% sure this will work out fine so talk me out of it!.
Hi there, welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with unfiltered tanks? Even Marine tanks that use live rock to do the biological filtering (Nitrogen Cycle) need a Skimmer to take solids out of the water. How do you intend dealing with waste and Ammonia/Nitrite build up that would be inevitable in a closed environment that is a fish tank of any size?
I have never raised this species of fish even though I like them and they are best known for easy care. One of the reasons why I have tried electric blue acaras is because they need a large space. They are too big for my aquarium size.